Great Value Prepacked Goodie Bag! Ideal for birthday parties and celebrations! Includes useful goodie gifts like a cute animal water pouch and handy wooden whistle for safety. The sweet baby chick chain toy encourages the toddlers to learn about cause-and-effect, and helps hone their finer motor skills as they twist the lever. Watch their little faces light up as they repeatedly try to twist the lever to see the pecking effect of the chick! Ideal for 1

2-3 year olds. Packed with clear and attractive plastic gift wrapper with a pretty gold/silver ribbon. 


- Animal Water Pouch (1 pc)

- Wooden Whistle  (1 pc)

- Baby Chick Chain Toy/Helicopter Chain Toy (1 pc)

- Printed paper birthday tag

Feel free to opt for addition of snacks into the pack:

- Kit Kat/Oreo+Chupa Chup Lollipop - Additional  $0.60 to the pack 

- HelloPanda/Ocean Creatures Biscuits - Additional  $0.80 to the pack

- HelloPanda/Ocean Creatures Biscuit+Chupa Chup Lollipop - Additional  $1 to the pack.

Free delivery for orders above $65. 

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Toddler Pack B

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